#freedom day

So many dark days have past!
Bitter as bile!
And sour as vinegar!
Ugly as sin!
And dark as coal!

Remember! Yes, remember
The vale of pain and tears
Ocean of cries of mothers and fathers of the nation
Imprisoned and enslaved!
They cried and screamed!
Seeking freedom! and equality!
Days or nights, they didn’t spare
And they never dreaded death

Remember dreadful moments?
They unsure, the pain and brunt until mild
Not for fame but love of nation
Showing valour and bravery in agony of violence
Allowing not freedom and peace to go astray

Our heroes! and heroines!
They bleed, but they are bound to freedom and peace
They cried but kept on hoping
They were tortured, but they dared to forgive
For foe? They showed the act of ubuntu
(Humanity) and let the bygones be bygones

Bringing unity and not only to the black nation,
but to all the rainbow nation
Indeed they are mothers and fathers of the nation
They are our freedom fighters