Bittersweet memories
When she smiled
Brushed my hair
Melted my heart
Showed her love

She became my superwoman
For the pain she had endured
For love she had given
Despite her plights
She always had a smile

Made her cry in the rain
Always uttered her love
I had no idea of love
Never understood the feeling
I was young as a fledgling bird

I’ve grown to understand
But she’s no longer there
To assure me of her love
To give me strength to fight
Give me love worth living

Hold my hand when fear befalls
To show me light
When darkness rises
I was once shown love
But too young to understand

Once cared for
But too young to appreciate
Now that I’ve grown
The world has turned,
Standing confused
My path filled with undergrowth
Nothing is worth living for
Except these bittersweet memories
When cancer didn’t exist
We smiled as the sun
Glided and strutted to set

This our one spot
We used to sit
To gaze at the sunset
For she said:
“There is healing in the beauty of the sunset.”

I’ve died before death
Wish I never grew up
As a sunflower, seeking the light
Wish I could be a firefly
To walk through darkness

Bitterly sweet memories
Death as an eagle
Reaped what it hadn’t sown
For she was a mother
A best friend, a teacher
An encourager, a lover
And a loved one

Death made me an orphan
Tore my heart apart
Tears make salty oceans
Took my love’s victim
Now I am a lonely wolf
Bitterly sweet memories