What if there’s a song without a rhythm
There’s a sound without a tone
There’s a saying without a basis
There’s a heart without a beat
What if I die in my sleep?
What if tomorrow never comes
What if there’s a question without an answer
What if time is just an illusion that “what is” is in fact “not”.

The great “what if” is the question without an answer
The unsolvable puzzle of our minds
The law without a proof
The war without an end
That determines the general tone of our nature
That puts our courage, our dignity and our honour to the test.
This is a force to reckon with –
A force so powerful that
Not even the brave at heart or the strong in mind dare challenge it!
This is a raging war within
A war of conception, deceit and denial.
Is this logic or is it just the influence of fear?
Fear that imprisons our courage and shatters all hope.

What if we made a decision?
A decision to take a stand and hold our ground
A decision to fight for what we want
To strive for a better tomorrow, a brighter future
I say to all willing and ready
“Let’s take a stand!”
A last stand to flush out all and every remnant of regressive attitudes
Abandon all characters that do not encourage progress
From the very mains that strengthens us
To the differences that bond us.
We must work with our hands
As fibers form fabric and fabric form cloth

It saddens my heart every time I wake and ask myself “what if”
But “what was” can never be “what is”
“What was” is unchangeable
But “what is” breeds hope
Hope that rekindles strength and washes away all fear
For hope disrupts fear
We must look forward and onwards
Daring to say to ourselves “no more”
Daring to stand out and be that change
Deriving strength from the ruins of our past
And say to ourselves “never again!!!”
So let’s all ask ourselves, what if?