As for her being heartbroken at that time
She met one who filled the void
She is pear shaped, an African melanin
That was the attraction he saw, I’m sure!

He has much love to give
Making her feel special, that’s true,
She feels attractive
He is everything she wants-
With everything going well, he then perceive

She loves the idea of being fond
More especially when he holds her hand prominently
But he is passionate more about his personality
An introvert, a character much loved by those he once cheated on

She has been cheated on, not once but twice
With her father a victim of lung cancer
Leaving her mother to loose herself to alcohol
Then dying a tragic death of several wounds

She shivers every time, thinking about her parents
She has a cold feeling about life
She feels warm in his arms
But love does not pay any bills-

She alternates on being a till packer
But her manager breaths heavily on her neck
He wants to be bribed for the job
Oh John! Please make her permanent!

John does not do anything for mahala
He wants the land! To leave his mark!
John is a chancer, they all know
She then quits prioritising her dignity

She finds a Blesser, a successful foreigner
He gives her a salon to run
But losing her body and Siyamthanda enquires
She is infected and Siyamthanda finds out!

They fight, but Siyamthanda is infected too
It’s too late to turn back, he is a victim too
Love has given him a lesson, he knows that too
Not to trust, but use trust too

Oh Lord! Help us with these Blessers
They introduce our sisters to wealth and leave them being patients
They circulate diseases with their fast moving cars
Just to satisfy their thirst, they should be cursed!

Lord deal with these sinners,
Make them pay Lord for molesting our sisters
Give our sisters a signal Lord about a man!
So should they not learn Lord, we’re all gonna drown!