When she stopped receiving affection and tenderness.
Attention in words and actions
She still remained the shower little girl who wants to be touched.
So that she can glow

When I call her “The Sun” she glows brighter.
When I say “Beloved” she loves and yearns for it.
When she hears “My Only” she seduces with caresses.

She doesn’t need flowers.
Being driven in a limousine.
Given sweets with always empty “I love you”
She needs me sitting with my friends hugging her.
Showing her off with all my affection and
Appearance that she’s mine alone.

She wants to fall in love over and over again.
To disappear with me in the evenings.
To come home with her and sleep right away.
She doesn’t want to sit in front of a computer
That already hurts her body.
She just wants to run out
Of time gazing into my eyes.
Hearing your words like you are mine
And I will steal the moon for you.

I wanna steal her heart over.
I want to sparkle in her the fire of desire.
To inspire her to exploits.
I want to dream about her every second I am breathing.
She’s the only gorgeous rose among the flowers.