For your love love lovely souls
In this lovely world,
How could your lovely soul love
What is not lovely to be loved
In your lovely life?

For your lovely smile loves what
Is lovely in the lovely lyrics of Love songs,
How could you not love love
That is juiced in the lovely love
Voice of lovely songs that sound
Lovely to the lovely heart that
Lives lovely on this lovely earth?

For lovers love love that any love
Never love its soul like it loves
The lovers that love,the love in its city,
How could lovers not see love
That loves their lovely souls?

For love loves what is lovely in
Its lovely eyes that lives in a lovely world,
How could love not love what
Its eyes love love that keeps
Loving love that loves its life?

For your lovely love love what
Loves lovely lovers in a lovely Family,
How can lovers not love love
That loves lovers to see other lovers
Love love that other lovers
Keeps on loving each other?

For your lovely love lives lovely in
A lovely country that loves lovers
Who loves lovely lovers,
How can your lovely lovers hate
Lovers who love lovers that stay
With lovers that loves lovely
Lovers in a lovely country?