My love for him is big as the planet.,
Wide as the ocean,
Longer as the deepest seas.
He loved me before I knew him.
He came to Earth to die for my sins.
On his Resurrection, he became alive.
My old self is gone, I have become new.
My sins are washed by his blood.
He is the way to the Father.
I abide in Jesus who abides in the Father.
His sympathy and his pity when he healed the sick.
I feel healed because I was sick unto death.
Jesus rose the dead from death.
He didn’t choose people as we humans do.
He loved us whether we are black, white, coloured or albinos.
His grace is sufficient for me and you.
His ways are mighty and powerful.
I love this man who is Jesus.
Thank you that I know you, Lord Jesus.
You opened my eyes to see,
I was blind but now I see.
A Shepherd who leads his flock,
when one he is lost, he looks for it until he finds it.
When we are in wounds, he tends to them until they heal.
Oh, how I love this Jesus!