Not everyone is going to support your dreams.
Not everyone is going to be happy when you win.
Not everyone who says they love you really means it.
Not everyone will pray for you when you’re struggling or dying.
Sometimes it’s going to be those you had expectations from,
Sometimes families and friends can be rival,
Sometimes it’s those who check up on you constantly.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in this reality,
It is to be careful not to have friends as enemies.
Whatever the battle is,
Don’t quit pursuing your dreams.
Know that everyone has potential to succeed.
Know that you too have a great destiny.

Though life has a way of changing,
Tables turn in different perspectives.
You’ll find yourself standing on the highest peak,
Sometimes in the lowest pit.
It happens to all of us,
When we expect it the least.
But know that the universe gives according to the need.
There is always a life-lesson.
It is your soul’s opportunity to strengthen
For growth and maturity.

Don’t despise the humble beginning,
It is the foundation of your exalting.
Don’t let anyone belittle your vision.
Whatever happens in your journey,
Make sure that you finish.