I thought I knew myself
As I wander helplessly I ask myself, who am I?
What is my purpose on this earth?
Do I mean something to someone?
My questions go unanswered.
Feeling lost in identity makes me feel like I am a dead man walking.
Seeking guidance of the Almighty and the ancestors about who I am
I pray relentlessly and blow into the bones of the healers
But I don’t find my answer.

Truth is for you to know who you are.
You have to discover this for yourself.
As for me, this journey of life taught me that I am
A fighter, a persistent being who goes for what he wants;
A passionate lover, which his love took for granted;
An optimist when facing adversity;
A positively driven person in life;
A giver of kindness in the face of spitting hatred;
A God-fearing yet loving person and, of course,
A goddamn intelligent being.
In the midst of the turmoil I go through in life.

I ask myself, am I like the rest?
No, I am unique in my own way.
Have I fully discovered myself?
No, the journey to who I am is still long.