I saw it leaping flames to the devil spirits.
Witchcraft vomited its bad spirit out.
She prayed until tears came out.
Till her voice faded out.
As she lost her soul to deep prayer.

I’ve seen it heal her from weakness.
It rescued us from temptations and trials.
It saved us from poverty.
It shepherded our lives all the way.
As we walked over obstacles just like that.
It was her motor to keep her engine prayer running nonstop.
The weak bishops, pastors and prophets surrendered their prayers
As they were silent and out of words.

She never prayed to empress and show off.
I always heard her secret prayer during the night and day
Sometimes in the early morning.
It will always take me down to my knees when I hear her praying so heartily.
Sometimes I will not pray with her
But will just kneel down and bow next to her till she comes to Amen!

I call it a vibrant prayer.
I call it a worship prayer.
I call it a praising prayer.
I call it God finding prayer.
I call it a peaceful prayer.
She was the strong faithful woman of prayer.