You are not alone
We are all one
There is only one fabric of the soul

Be not the condemner
But only the observer of your choice
Only then will you clearly see the path
Where you ought to go
Live it and make it known

Always stay faithful and strong
And remember that you are
Always on the way home

Though sometimes we can end up getting lost
Putting our feet in the wrong door
I suppose we haven’t learnt to avoid
We’re still small, so we fall

Yet Life is gracious to all
Picks us up when need most
And doesn’t judge us for our faults
Life is this, and more

Life wants all of our tears and sorrows gone
Life wants us kind and bold
Life wants our battles won
And our victories sure

Life doesn’t mind if you’re slow
As long as you push on
More than you believe and know
Life wants you to never stop
But always go.

Life wants you to be other than the norm
Because regardless of where the wind blows
You’re always the Life you’re taught
Right or wrong, Life is a dance and a song-
So write and compose your own.

Embrace all of Life’s lows
Because then the highs are that much more
Young or old; we share the same Life and Soul…
So we are Not Alone.