Did you really have to hurt her?
Force her into sex like a sire?
She is a human being in case you’ve forgotten
She deserves to be treated fairly not to be beaten
Not to be abused and even killed
Her life must be saved not be ruined

Now let us stop and face reality
Is this the real man’s thinking capacity?
To rape and kill a child is an unjustifiable stupidity
There is no reason
Absolutely no reason to rape and kill students in the university
This act of evil in this world is of no necessity

There’s one thing you should remember
Remember that she’s everything
Today she is your mother
Tomorrow she is your lover
That day she is your daughter
Everyday she’ll always be your exquisite sister
And she automatically becomes your crying shoulder

Is it not a man’s responsibility to love and nurture?
Yes! It has to be a man responsible to take care of this nature
After all these are innocent creatures
Who deserve to be loved not to be lost
They deserve to be healed not to be hurt
Fragile enough to be held softly not to be harmed

Real men are not heartless nor egocentric
A real man has features of being altruistic
A man has reasoning capacity that is prolific
Let us go back to being real men who are romantic