Be mindful, pain is part of life,
Be mindful, there’s pain in love,
Where there’s no pain, you won’t recognize true love,
Even the one from above; is not all rosy.

There’s pain in love,
Even if you were patient, waited for the right partner,
Everybody experiences the wrong,
There you feel the pain,

Deception; your friend can share your partner,
The man you may love is not bold enough,
He don’t speak out his mind when you expect,
Don’t try long distance, it kills love vibes,

Be careful, there is pain in love,
The one you may love,
Don’t even see you when you stand alone,
Have his eyes fixed on the “painful wrong person”,

Be mindful, some love only because of materials,
The clothes, the cars and the fancy phones,
Be careful, some love only for the money,
If that wasn’t true there will be no prostitutes,

Be mindful, time wasters;
Waste precious things in life,
Be careful, love is not about family pressure,
Or the regular peer pressure.

Be mindful, it is hard to forget those who cause you pain,
Be mindful; when you discover all the deceits;
Giving your money to another,
While you thought you were just showing love,

Be careful, there is pain in love,
When you are broke,
True love is hard to come by,
Your partner wouldn’t even mind, if you are caught with another,

Be mindful, the only place there’s no pain,
Is in the grave, among the unborn,
Be careful, love’s pain hurts most,
Especially, seeing your lover with another,

Be mindful, it’s hard to understand,
When looking for commitment,
A lot gets omitted,
Like a home work that was never submitted,

Be careful, there’s pain in love,
Rather choose loyalty,
Over love, over all,
Be careful!

If you want to cry,
Just cry like a little boy,
A little boy who loves food,
Be mindful, when love’s in the air,

Cos this whole world is not fair,
This whole world is not true,
But love is!
When it is real.

Be careful, there is pain in love,
Not all the white teeth,
Shows a good heart,
Be mindful, not all the “sweethearts”,

Means better for worse,
Many just want to butter their bread,
Hatch their eggs,
And take your best.

Be careful, there is pain in love,
Love conquers all,
But not all has been conquered by love,
Better to be feared, than to be loved.

Be careful, there’s pain in love,
Life is not how we look at it,
Life is just what we make it,
And only you can make yourself to feel loved.

Be careful, there is pain in love,
Blood is thicker than water,
But love is thicker than them all,
That’s why we leave home,

If only the bride won’t leave the groom,
Pick up the broom,
And sweep his footsteps away,
Everybody would be glad to jump the broom always.

Always be careful,
Love can get scary,
Dangerous, injuring seriously,
Like a traumatized battlefront soldier,

Pushing a person toward the “baking soda”,
Be careful, my sister, my brother,
Some see it like a game,
Some only dream it,

Be mindful, there’s pain in love,
When it hits,
It doesn’t hit like music,
When it gets chronic;

A person can want to do anything,
Everything, everything you may have done,
Can still turn around
And break your heart for life.