Family is the greatest institution on earth,
Full of moral principles that leads to eternity
It contains parents and theirs children
Where children are well groomed in Godliness,
Both Father and Mother are together in love.

Nowadays it seems to be history,
Overwritten by prostitution that is highly entertanined
Overloaded with fornication that is highly respected.
Societies are full of bargain hunters of prostitution
Marriage seemed to be undignified.

No more family – we live in misery.
This is the state of human beings in our lifetime.
One father with kids with different mothers,
One mother with kids with different fathers,
We’ve neglected the divine principle of God the Mighty Power

This is not the divine plan of Jehovah
God provided principles to live by and we’ve disobey them.
This is an animal behaviour of production.
How shall we escape for this unhappiness
If we neglect so great a salvation with grace?