I remember walking down the aisle
Wearing that unambiguous dress,
I was a pulchritude queen
You were there,
In your royal blue suit, royalty was amorous on you
When I was about to reach the podium, tears started to roll down my face
The bond that connected us started to go loose
I was afraid to let you know that I wasn’t ready
Ready to get married and finally be called “makoti”

I’m sorry I didn’t let you know that I was broken
Though I put the blame on you
For not seeing through my aching heart, I let the blame fall on you
For not being able to see the pain that I felt
Baby, all I ever wanted was love
All I ever wanted was to be held and accepted
That’s why I wrote this poem
I’m sorry for letting you drown in regret
But this was just a reflection of the dream I had yesterday
I hope you are doing well