Remember to wash your hands.
Wash your hands with soap and water before you
make that soup.
Keep them clean and dry, cool and moisturised
Wash them so they are free from germs.
Treat them with a manicure if you can,
or sanitiser if you will.

Keep them spick and span, always ready to meet new people
Wash your hands for they are helpful;
They brush your teeth three times a day;
They bath your body more than twice.
They give us a sense of touch and allow us to feel.
They carry our identity and uniquely identify each and every one of us
through our fingerprints that are at the tip of our
fingers and palms,

So wash your hands for they are clumsy,
They touch more than you can count.
Some say they move more than an eye can catch.
They feed and protect you when you are hungry and angry.
Wash your hands because they do all the wonders for you.
Remember to wash your hands because you love yourself.