I stand before you because I feel like
There’s something you need to know.
There’s something I need to warn you about,

But before all that
I wanna take you back to the old days
The days of our forefathers
The days of our grandparents
And I mean the days of survival

I want to have a picture of what it was like
To live without cellphones,
Women abuse.
I want you to go to those days and see
How beautiful South Africa was
I want you to take that picture with you

I want to warn you about the social media,
The teenage pregnancy
The fashion
I want you to claim your dignity back as a girl
I want you to stop killing, raping and abusing your sisters but be there for them as brothers
I want you to quit drugs and focus more on shaping a bright future for yourself
I want you to tell people living with albinism that they are now free
I want you to say sorry to your mom for whatever mistake you made

I want you to imagine the new South Africa with ubuntu
New South Africa with dignity
Girls with ambition
Driven people
Helping one another

I want you to imagine the new South Africa with ubuntu
With no murders
No gangsters
No competition but rather collaboration
No spreading of viruses but more self-respect and control
More love and respect for each other

I want you to have that picture and start doing things differently
Start doing something that will bring this picture into reality

I know it won’t be easy but let’s try people of South Africa
Hear my cry
Listen to my voice
I speak for change