Found myself in the middle of this wide desert where my destiny has called me in. I felt closer to all those past days when the struggle for freedom was a passion

When the gender equality was the real meaning of unity
When no poor was called to be no longer oppressed but motivated instead
When a good education was more valued than a gold medal

Everything seems to be contrary to what history taught us since the current image that is portrayed in front of us has nothing to offer

But a rough rush toward divisions among those who were consigned to walk arm in arm
Unceasing fights over benefits that were once considered to be shared as a common heritage

A horrible thought that proclaims the rich one as the most valued

A well-formed population broken into different and incoherent pieces of colours, cultures, and beliefs
The only principle to consider is that a fast run forward will not take us anywhere glorious unless we really decide to take a moment to stop and think about where we came from

To realize how beautiful the layer is built by the variety of cultures and beliefs that we have
And how flaming is the rainbow made of different races and colours that we peacefully settle to bring together