Won’t you wear them
Won’t you test them
Will they fit you
Will they amuse you
Would you consider them as small
Would you consider them as big
Can you wear them with pride
Can you try to smile for the world

Don’t you feel different.. do they make you feel different,
Please don’t be modest and please don’t be afraid to be honest

Tell me if you’d like to return them
Tell me if you’ve had enough of my reality
Tell me if the loneliness makes you want to take your own life,
Tell me if you’re now scared of the dark, scared of heights,
Scared of tight spaces, scared of crowded places

It’s scary to think about how you could be afraid to live but also fearful of dying
I’ll know you’re not lying if you feel like the walls are closing in on you,
If you sound negative even when you’re not trying to be

Now that you see what I see
Now that you feel what I feel
Now that you hurt like I hurt
Now that you cry like I cry

All I ask is (my shoes) do you think you could fill them ?