I am not what I am
Yes, my skin is black
But my heart is pure
I am an African child
Born eating the fruits of the African wild

Disliked by whites with a black heart
Who stole our forefather’s herds
To put a roof above their heads

A black man’s dream was buried alive
A black child’s wish was set aside
We were forced into slavery
Forced to give up on our bravery

What is the meaning of freedom
Without our black wisdom
Freedom is just a scapegoat
A black man is a passenger in a white boat
A black man’s freedom is only their vote
A vote that carries a black child’s hope

We were blinded by the fruits of democracy
And we gave up on our legacy
Yes, my skin is black
And yours is white
But our blood is red
We are the sons and daughters
of the African soil
And freedom is our birth right