Everything is dark / darker
a Belthorn-local muses
as he is comically forewarned
about the chocolate purchased

(minds seem still to be
stoned by the drug
of separate development
a group mentality abounds)

our chatty local and another
ponder on what I’m smoking
as my feet are bare
and I am sans a jersey

purposefully I let them know
that I’ve been out there yonder
scrabbling in Site C Khayelitsha
at the Moses Mabhida Library

Everything is dark / darker
an opining SAFM radio sms
read after a Césaria Évora song
reckons their afternoon music show
seems to be just for blacks
(whatever that might be)

(and Siqalo dwellers
suffer bigotry in a place
apartheid planned as part of
be divided and be ruled)

the Verwoerdian plan
to partition people
from their minds
thrives still as folks
insulate themselves
from themselves

It just gives me
the blues

Everything is normal, in the little village of Belthorn Estate, as I return from a pleasant Saturday morn of scrabble at the Moses Mabhida Library, 2 June 2018.
See, too, “Siqalo protest for services met by racist backlash in Mitchells Plain” (Elitsha, Edition 18, May 2018).