I’m inspired to write some encouraging words.
I feel like the world needs a verse.
‘Cause right now there’s so much fear in the Universe.

May each and everyone realise they’re blessed.
So, deny the curse.

You’re covered in the Most High Grace.
God has given man power over everything we create.
Therefore, there is nothing we are not able to reverse.

Our awareness of this is what makes us pioneers and ever-great.
We have the upper hand.
We don’t have stagnant faith.
We’re not victims of attack and hate.
Our victories are born from our mistakes.

Diseases, wars and threats,
Even in this midst, God will show His glorious face.
Just pray for the world to be a better place.
Be an example and lead the way.

Keep quiet if you have nothing encouraging to say.
Educate, don’t make the world more scared.
You’re not empowering by being ignorant.

Our Creator has provided us with enough Grace.
Our Saviour never left us, or the Earth – that news is fake.
You are the cross on which He was nailed.
A symbol of love so great.
A protection that will never fail.

Fear cannot dwell in the heart of the one who has faith.
I hope Somewhere Over the Rainbow you too find your place,
Where the Heavens finally meet the Earth.