I found affection in a woman
I experienced feelings i never thought I had through the doings of a woman
My heart has a beat of its own when it involves a woman

My future is with a woman
How do i ignore a feeling that I have no control over
My woman is of morals and values

My fellow men see me as a mistake that they can rectify by raping me
My fellow Christians sees me as a sinner that needs to be cleansed in the house of the Lord
My family sees me as their beloved daughter

Let my sexuality not misinterpret who I am
I am a woman attracted to women but may that not change your feelings towards me
I am still that little girl you watched growing up

All I ever want in this world is #ACCEPTANCE
I no longer want to be scared of meeting you in the street at night
I want you to protect me against those who want to hurt me
The hate you have towards what my heart feels about a woman
Does nothing but makes me stronger, pushes me forward

Love is not just a feeling you share with someone you have no affection with
Love is for those who find their partner
Ask and you shall be told
Don’t just assume what you think is the reason we are homosexuals

My sexuality doesn’t define Me