“You can rise again, my son.”
These are the words my mother uttered to bail me out
When sorrow and despair had trapped me in a deep dark dungeon.
When I was surrounded by nothing but sorrow and disgrace,
These are the words that gave me solace.

At a time when all I could see was a failure and condemnation
“You can rise again” were the words from my mother,
Which gave me a new vision.

After hearing these words, my hope and courage were rejuvenated,
My weakening soul was reinvigorated.
“You can rise again” these are my mother’s words,
Which reignited the flame of life within me.

I was a captive of confusion but my mother’s words emancipated me.
Had it not been for my mother’s words I do not dream
Nor desire to know where I would be.

Sorrow and despair were like assassins yearning for my assassination,
Oh but my mother’s wise words came to my salvation.
I had written myself off with the pen of pain,
But my mother’s words erased all that when she came and said,
“Oh my dear son you can rise again”