Left unnoticed
Because I gave it my best
I fed love in to it.
I did it with passion.
I never took it simple.
Never took it for granted.
Just because I gave it my all.
Did it without any expectations.
Did it without any limit.
Did it without expecting any rewards.
Not hoping for a single compliment.
Everyone seems to be in love with my touch.
Some confirm their amusement of my touch.
Others hide it but their faces never lie.
Some carrying praises because of my touch.
Many were honoured because of my touch.
Somebody was once crowned because of my touch.
Till today, I never get a chance to eat the rewards of my own touch.
Believe me when I say I never step up on a podium for my touch.
I never got a chance to be crowned for my amazing touch.
I see many people are respected because of my touch.
Seeing their names on a statue for their so-called good work
Because there was my touch.
I am the unsung hero.
I am the unpublished book.
I am the product that never came to market.
I am the leader without a title.