I’ve faked my emotions
Smiled, even though it hurt
Acting all tough and fine on the outside
But deep down something is not right
I carry anger more than I carry love
I carry hatred more than I carry joy
Well, I simply don’t forgive
Yet forgetting is easy
I have always kept my happy face on, even though inside I had a void
Tried filling it with different things but still it remains
Alone I fight demons but with people I fake happiness
Not only do these demons torture me when I’m alone
They can start even when I’m with people
Demons which have changed me from a vibrant, loud person
into a shy, unknown introvert
Only those who have had the pleasure will tell you that I am shy
Yet that was never me
I was a strong, outspoken soul
Loved even when I received nothing in return
Gave even though I did not have enough
Yet all that I ever got was nothing
Hiswona swi nga ndzi cinca
Will I ever recover?
Will I wake up from this horrible dream?
The future is uncertain yet the present inspires and gives hope
The past has left a mark, a print
That has made me what I am today
I might recover but will I still be me?
I’ve known sadness and realise that it has become a part of me
I am Sadness