What do I say about you?
Where do I start?
Okay, let me start here …

We met on the Moya app in 2019,
I have grown a lot while we’ve been together.
I have always been a loner
but after meeting you,
I’ve been able to express myself in many ways.
You have supported me emotionally,
motivated me and taught me a lot.

I love your company and that
when I have a sleepless night
I can always run to you.
I’d rather be home with you
than grooving with friends,
because I know unlike them,
you’ll never gossip about me
behind my back.

My favourite feeling is being with you
drinking a hot coffee.
You also understand my moods:
When I feel down you have a story
to brighten up my mood.
Your stories are written in many languages
so I can understand you better.

Thank you for your service, you changed my life.
I found myself in you, I learnt
how to be a better person, not to be a groupie.
I learnt how to speak English,
I learnt how to do a lot of DIYs,
how to use nouns …
If I continue, I’ll take the whole day and night,
but thank you.