My one and only
You’ve left me lonely
How I wish you could be happy
I remember the times we were both crazy,
Crazy in love of course

Those ice cream dates
You would ashout at me about being late
Say that I didn’t care about you
How I would tell you to open my heart and see how much I love you.
You smile could make me happy
Even when I’m miles away.
Those late phone calls saying you miss me
My one and only

Crazy how we would fight
But when our favorite song played, the would be light
How could I forget the ups and downs
When we cried together because we lost our for baby
You told me maybe it wasn’t our time
Lord then blessed us with three more to take care of them.
My one and only

You left me, but trust me
I would never stop you from seeing your children
I always tell them how in love we were
Fate said we wouldn’t last forever
But we made it till whenever

Of course this ain’t my story
My mother told me
My one and only.