Your brain is a weapon of mass destruction
Your tongue is filled with poison
Your heart is as bad as prison
Your lungs produce toxic gases
Your kidneys store up dangerous acids
Your legs walk the path of the living dead
Your body forever faces the light of doom
Your brain is the breeding ground for demons
You give birth to evil seeds
You’re a sick twisted individual
I curse the day I met you
I was at my lowest point
You gave me a hand
You were always around
I was thinking you were there for me
Truth is you were really there for me
But your intentions were not pure towards me
All the signs were there
But I believed you were fair
All the signals led to one conclusion
But I said you deserved a chance
And by God you took every chance you had
Every chance to dig my grave deeper and deeper
The feelings I still harbour
The pain I still endure
The tears I still cry
My heart still bleeds
But my soul says, move on.