Mamelodi is a Township
Like any other place it has a brighter side
But there is a darker side to it
Let me flip it around
And show you the other side of the coin
As I remove the foil
I will walk you on its soil,
And tell you to watch your step,
Cause this place has no followers,
Like a blank twitter page.

Nobody likes this place
A place known as my hood.
This place is full of crooks,
Where nobody likes books,
A place where wastelands are full of boys and girls,
Like recycled heroin junkies.
You could smell the bad odour.
Like rubbish inside the bin,
This place is trash

A place where preachers don’t practice what they preach,
As they prey on young girls,
And place babies on their backs,
Like a twisted knife in the back.
You must always watch your back,
Like someone is walking behind you at night,
This place is not safe at all.

A place where jobs are scarce
And unemployment is on a rise
Like hunger has no price.
Mamelodi is on ice,
Like a corpse in a refrigerator.
I beg your pardon
Did you say I’m exaggerating?
No I’m not
This place is real
And people always steal,
Like there is no free meal.

This is Mamelodi
The place I’m from.