The best mother one could ever ask for
Nophumzile Mtshikiva the lady that I will die for
She taught me the best
Mentored me to become the best
She is always there for me every
step of the way, through thick and thin.

Nophumzile, the lady that gave me life
The lady that taught me to speak health,
happiness and prosperity to everyone I meet
I’m proud to let the world know that she’s
my mother, my mentor, my hero.

I thank god for the precious gift he sent me
A mother to be proud of
She’s my everything, my strength, my soul and my guardian angel.
She’s a shining star
A gold out of stones
A queen that beard me for nine months,
Having sleepless nights due to several pains.

When I was a baby, she spent each and every minute of her life looking after me
She was patient and loved me even when I was crying all night and all day.
I am really grateful for everything she has done for me.
I just want to say, Mommy I love you with every inch of my soul.