Out in the dark before,
I was born in the night,
I kept singing a song of tears to
My mother’s ears,
I have hurt her…
But I didn’t know, I was a child

My mother loved me even when
I was the wrong one doing no good,
She protected me,
I’m a child to her,
I’m a king to her,
She played by my rules,
I played by my rules also.
What she is to me?

Mom, you cared for me more than
My life time,
You left me on the street when I
Was still young,
That was love to me, mom
Love that kept me thinking
How young I was to lose a mother.

5 years of age going to school
With a going mother,
I would be left behind sooner,
Than later.
What she is to me?
A Soldier…
A General of military soldiers…
My mother was here for a mission,
My mother was a HERO to me,
My mother saved many lives not only mine.

I was 5 years of age to hear a thing from her,
She never said goodbye,
She never will come back,
She loves me,
She’s my mother,
She loves me, I know…
Nontombi Sylvia Ncazela