I want to love you
like you’ve been designed to be loved.
Remind you of how beautiful you are inside and out.
That I see GOD in your eyes, it breaks my ICE,
so I fall apart in your embrace and melt in your sight, because you’re that type of man, strong enough for my fall.

Love is the smile you carry when you’ve had a long day, yet still you carry the world on your shoulders and make it seem like sunshine.
Only you can handle that kind of battle, so much strength I feel in your arms, I can’t help but fall in Love all over again, even with your heart beat that carries so much, yet you still hold me like it’s a miracle…

Love is your skin, as it spreads over like a garden of flowers and I just want to pick you up and decorate myself with you…
Love is my name, but you make sense of it, you make sense of the day my parents said I am love. You complete the meaning of the feeling behind my birth.