Where does this road take me?
My hopes and my worries lead me to where?
Make me an appointment in the middle of the dawn.
My love why is this heart feeling lonely?

Why does everything seem so distant to you?
The blizzards of separation may never reach out to us.
I wanna go through life with you side by side
So that two destinations live in one harmony.

My love I feel good with you nearby.
There is a wonderful sign on earth that said
To meet your love in the middle of the dawn.
Make me an appointment somewhere
In the middle of hope and in the middle of the dawn.

Love is a complex feeling.
Difficult to find.
But very easy to lose.
Love is not an external feeling.
It is a moment of happiness.
I want that feeling of happiness.
I want to breathe deeply, I want to dance with happiness.
I wanna feel like a small child to enjoy every moment.
Give me this feeling of happiness
Because my heart chose you to care for it.