My long gone brother
My long gone brother
My keeper, the giver of perfection
Replacement of solidarity
King pin of words, teacher of sort
Brother of wisdom

You gave me a chance to find myself
You lectured my way forward
Trust and honesty was like a silver spoon to you
Your gentle mouth could handle anything
Your death was unexpected
To think you are there and I am here seems so wrong
It’s been so many years since your passing
But the pain of losing you seems to find its way back

My long gone brother
Through you I inherited my calling
Through comedy I found I can write
I got the chance to find words more composed
More elegant and powerful
No amount of tears I have shed can bring you back
But through fragility I became stronger than stone
I miss you my best friend, my brother
Your family misses you
I hope you are good wherever you are
Please save a warm seat for me in heaven