They say time heals and pain fades away,
not knowing that scars never get erased from the heart
because they are not written on a piece of paper,
they are not formed by mistakes
but with a purpose to have a silent cry at night
that speaks a million words without being heard by the world.

The pain of feeling the same thing for 365 days
is never easy to fight,
it is like a demon crawling into your mind
every time you try to escape
its walls have become so tall
that you can’t even break through
it’s easy to feel it but hard to let go of it
it becomes part of your life,
every street corner you cross
it’s there smiling at you like a baby seeing its mother
because the heart has become the mother of it,
the mind has turned to be a god mother,
blessing its work because the heart never goes to bed without feeling it,
that pain.