Under the fig tree, sitting with my mom
In my mind and thoughts I was learning to write
But it turned out that I was teaching my mom how to write her name and surname.
Little did I know that my mom couldn’t read or write.

I was so very close to her,
I had so much to live for,
My dream was to get a proper job when I grew up and take care of her
That’s all I could think of, seeing a smile upon her face.

Then it hit me
My mom passed on in2012.
My daughter was only 9 months old.
The man I dearly loved
The one I gave my heart too had a woman he had already paid lobola to.

He played me
He lied to me all along
When I found out, I cried my heart out,
Wished my mom was around to ease my pain.

She was not around but I felt her presence,
The pain slowly healed.
I grew stronger for my daughter’s sake.
I found work.
Things got better,
I met a man, got married and was happy,
We were happy and it hit me again,
He passed on,
Part of me died too.