Dondolo lamaNgisi namaNkelemane!!!
MaNgwane Mhayisa!!!.
Mhayisa ngifune wazi ukuthi
Even though you lie on my chest.
Facing heaven as your final exit
With the bullet from the morning hustle
Forcing you to put it to earth.
Uyibekile induku ebandla!
You fought with prayer,
So that my meal could be your victory.
You moulded a home from mud.
Whenever I shivered and chattered my teeth
You assured life to me.

All hail as heavens welcome yet another
Warrior of war, of love of peace.
A parent, a shelter.
Ngifune wazi ukuthi I will cuddle the gospel when I go to bed.
And I will polish my shoes and turn off the geyser.

You’re gone.
You’re at ease.
I believe in a better place.
As you bow out in power MaNgwane.
I roll out my rug and rest next to your grave.
I know you would have loved to have left a man
But I’m an infant.
I miss your warm breastmilk.
I miss you here with me in your tender hands.
It’s only been a night but it already sulks like yesterday.

From dust to dust.
From ashes to ashes.
Bow out in power.
Hallelujah till the next life.
Rest in power.