As I stepped out of my
Mother’s womb, I knew
God has something special
Waiting for me,
I never took that decision
For granted for it was
Valuable like a diamond

I tried swimming into
The waves of the Indian
Ocean but I couldn’t
Even see your face,
I was too far from seeing
Your beauty

My eyes never got
Tired of making a
Movie of your juicy
Love like a producer
But loneliness kept
On telling me that I
Still had some miles
To see your presence

For your beauty kept
Coming into my head
Like the morning sunrise,
I never gave up on
Searching for your love
For you are my destiny

I am still chasing for
Your love to marry my
Heart like education,
My heart cannot live
Without cherishing
Your beauty

I still avoid other rose
Flowers that come
in my way as if they
Are garbage, for I still
Have hope that your
Love will light in my
Life like a candle in
The darkness