Shah!! Make not any clamour!
For this earth, bear not love, but loathe!
Filled, with desire of hate and eschewal!

My child
Remember you are the messiah!
What defines you is kindness!
An antique which will always bear brightness!
A solace to those who bear sadness!
And yet, cherish life with happiness

My child
Be bold? and be fearless!
Be rational! And be wise!
In this world of hatred and darkness, be light!
And be hope!
Never let kindness and courage in you, go astray

My child
You are a ring that sparkles in this darkly earth
Never let that pure heart of yours gleam in hatred!
Love no money nor
For it? It feasts your eyes and never your soul!
For it, never lust

My child!
Be aware
For your life, always care!
Because eyes of beasts will stare!
Even if you plead!! They won’t spare!
In this world, nothing is fair, I swear!!
That’s why you should shh!! And I will be there!