You broke it and left it in pieces I gave it to you fully and you brought it back in pieces you lied you cheated you said that you loved me and I believed you

You said that we would die together and I said, “yes” It felt so real when you kissed me I felt so alive when you held me closer when you gave me that look with those eyes I drowned I can’t move on because you’re the only one I’ve ever loved

What a hit and run you did to me you just attacked my heart and ran away you vanished into thin air and all I’m left with is a ring from you I wonder what happened to “I love you”
or to “will you be mine forever?” because you’re the only one I’ve ever loved

I feel so isolated from everyone and everything else I never thought that love would ever be a lesson I never dreamed of a painful romance while others have their happily-ever-after I, on the other hand, am having my hell-ever-after

I see no light at the end of the tunnel that I’m in I don’t see myself with anyone else but you I want you back in my life so bad But every time I try you just reject me But I swear that one day the tears I cried and still cry for you
will be yours to cry

One day you’ll realise that you lost meat while chasing after bones you will realise how lucky you were to have me while others couldn’t you’ll realise that you broke your vows and I kept mine you broke my heart but I never…Yours but I forgive you because that’s the only thing left to do.