I love you
You’re my baby
and you’re my all.

It’s sad how I
lost you. Mommy carried
you in her womb for six months.
The bond you two had – no one can fathom

Baby, your mother loves you dearly and wished
And wished you stayed longer. Dear God, but
why!! Why did you take my baby, why did I miscarry

This is not fair, too painful I can’t demonstrate.
A heart in me feels ripped out. It hurts!
I want my baby back. Can you give me that?

Baby, know that Mommy loves you, wholeheartedly so
But her love wasn’t enough. And it will never be
Though she is strong!

Being beaten up by your father while carrying you, strangled…
Kicked countlessly in her stomach…
Being told she was nothing every day
But she was strong for you, endured it all –
protecting you from within but it wasn’t enough

Forgive her, oh my dear child, but you couldn’t live in this world.
Our world is so fake yet violent and cruel but your Mother loves you dearly.