When the waters roar at me
Reflections of the sunlight I see
Doubt and terror fill my feet, like beach sand
Such times I would love for someone’s hand
Then my mind wrests up reproach and calamity
Blinded with horror I fear the conclusion of my security
Long gone from home, yes I am now brainwashed
With all my dreams and goals utterly crushed
I persevere with all my might
I would love to see the light
Which will prove my stagnant halt
The sensation of knowing that no one was at fault
For the life of mine with raging waves
As I sail the sea, I pity the men with no graves
For it seemed that too would be my fate
From the volume of water I learnt the might of love and hate
In fatigue and despair, in my floating fortress, I chose to lay
Reaching the fall at sunset, I make my way.