You can fly up high,
every day leaving me behind,
But the love I have for you,
will never be left behind,
it will always live inside my heart,

When I hear you singing,
those beautiful songs,
in those beautiful songs,
I feel happy,

You sing so sweetly,
with fearful trill,
When I see you flying,
into those tall trees,
I feel like crying.

But there is one thing that,
makes me happy about you,
it’s that you keep your love,
inside my heart,

I can say you’re my shoulder,
to cry on,
To me you’re like,
my pillar of strength.

I know I’m not your favorite person,
but I have hope that you have,
that special feeling for me,
my lovely bird,

Just know that the love I have,
for you will never end,
my beautiful bird.