The world is against our union,
Man makes boundaries of hatred,
Mortals are ready for World War III just because of us,
Families ready to taste fresh blood because of our love,
Earth will never be saved; other planets will do.

Let’s journey to Mercury.
Climb on my wings
Specially made with love
And hide from the world’s wickedness.
But nay, the hotness will melt our love.

Hold my hands and follow me to Venus.
Yes, Venus!
Just a few miles away from Earth
And maybe fate will give us a twin;
Just like it is called the twin Earth.

Follow me to Mars.
I promise to shield you from the thick atmosphere.
Let’s make memories of love
And make vows of togetherness
Just you and me under the two moons.

Let’s go to Jupiter.
A perfect place to shelter our love,
Big enough for our empire,
But the thunderstorm ruins our plan.
I’ve vowed to keep you safe.

Let’s ride to Saturn.
There, I shall give you the three rings.
One, for forever promise of love;
Two, for happiness;
And three, for togetherness.

Maybe Uranus will do.
I shall make six extra rings.
Two special ones for each of us;
Two little ones for our twins;
And two cute ones for our grandchildren.

Shall we journey to Neptune?
Just the two of us without another,
To feel the warmness of your breath against mine
And the union of our lips.
But with fulfilling dreams of love.

There lies our comfort zone.
Far from the sun yet the coldest
It might freeze our love
And all hopes and dreams shall be gone

Let’s accept our fate
And stay on Earth
Let’s wear our armour and get prepared
Or rather,
Be another Romeo and Juliet on Earth.