Love is an enigma
Love is beautiful
Love is infinite
Love is a song about you and me in Whitney Houston’s voice
Love is the difference between me and we
It’s all about partnership

It doesn’t choose
It accepts wholeheartedly
It never compares instead it compliments
It allows you to be whoever you want
With flaws and blemishes on your birth chart
It understands that you’ve got a past
And you are far from perfect
It enables you to design your own destiny
It will never destroy your morale
It will always cheer for you on the benches
Victory or defeat
Strong or weak
It will always walk with you side by side
Supporting every decision you make

Love is like a mother hen
It protects
Love doesn’t leave any doubt in your mind
It doesn’t leave room
For misunderstandings and disappointments
It knows what it wants
It knows what to believe by hook or by crook
Love is contagious
Love is the little things that make you smile
Love is natural
It smells like autumn rain
And looks like lunar eclipse

Love is comfort
It’s like getting a window seat on a long hour drive
Love is hope when there is none
It reminds you how far you still need to go
Love knows your silence speaks volumes
Love admits when wrong and makes amends
Love has pure intentions

It will never remind you of the sacrifices
That were made along the way
Love is like an unfinished poem
Full of mystery and suspense
Love is like a woman in love
You know she loves you for real
Love never ends like a romantic book
But it begins like one and the drama unfolds.