It was on a Saturday evening…
The club held a retro-themed event
Our men were preparing for the commencing
Later…place was packed to a great extent

Then the love ballads were heard
And my eyes met a striking sight
A fair svelte belle in the crowd
Dancing gracefully, like a soaring kite

I stood there…jaw dropped
Just perfection, no flop
I went up to her…heart pounding
Even though I was doubting
She smiled when she saw me approaching
Which made me feel like I was floating

I asked for her hand…
While expecting a ‘Sorry, I can’t’
She accepted my request
Felt my heart jumping out of my chest

I heard them all…all the amatory melodies
I heard about…kisses, hugs, fights and apologies
The scintillating connection, Netflix and chill
All encompassed an amorous essence, but still…

Nothing beats listening to her
‘Cause you won’t find her wisdom anywhere
Listening to the sound of her heart
Pacified the uproarious scars of my past
Her breathing penetrated my soul
And brought back the joy that the Devil stole

Could listen to her all day, all night
As her presence feels so right
Listening to the true love ballad
That could take the SAMA award

And in this present moment
I’m enjoying her lovely company
With the ballads playing in the background
Caressing her forehead and her crown
Just the two of us, on an indoor date
Like how it should have been for the past decade