I knock on the door but there is no answer
I call your name but there is no answer
only silence greets me and chases me away
but I can still hear your voice from far away

yesterday you told me that everything was okay
today, nothing is okay.
The wind blew you away
in one wink, you traveled miles away

you held my hand and smiled but
all of that faded away when you felt
the bullet piercing through your chest
my eyes blurred from tears and I couldn’t see who cared for you.
cared for you enough to chase the bastard that stuffed
that bullet inside your chest
I looked around and called for help
you waited so long and took a rest, I looked at you and so did the rest

I forget sometimes you’re not there
I call but only realise you’re not home
when my call is not being answered
I visit but only realise you’re not home
when the silence speaks louder
as I walk through your home