Mother you, you sacrificed full nine months
For me to be in the world
To the nights of breezing cold
And being told
To breathe and relax
Mother you were woken by my terrible cries
I would disturb you, yet you would ignore that
And make sure I was calmed instead
To the days I’d fall ill, and that would hurt you
And make you feel so sick instead

To the moments I wouldn’t understand the word “appreciate”
And would take the sweet that you worked hard for, for granted
For you to see the bright smile on my face.
To the times you’d make sure my stomach was filled
With your delicious chicken you would make
So that I could be thrilled and filled with joy
To the mornings you’d wake up to pray
That I have a bright future even if I would eat your tray
Of biscuits without asking
Even though I would talk back to you,
And in my mind caused you misery
But to you it was nothing

I would work so hard to pay you back
But where do I start, as the universe put together
Is nothing compared to your one love you shared
I thank you from the time you heard my first cry and wiped my first tears
To the time I first crawled, and crawled back to you dirty
From the first time I called “mama” and later on “mommy”
And would say “you got me”
To the time you would stop me from going
To a certain event, place at certain times
To actually save me from getting hurt and I didn’t see it that way
To the times you would call or FaceTime me to check if I’m okay
And missed your calls and caused you tremendous strain

I want to thank you from the time I’d be carried on your back, dirty
And walk proudly behind your back, smiling with no shame
To the time I’d ask you for materialistic things
Be it the toys, junk food, all types of unnecessary things
But you would try every effort not to say no at times
To the times I’d cause trouble but you made sure you’d still defend me.
I love you mother!