I’m walking through a dark tunnel
My glass heart keeps bleeding
From the hurt it keeps breaking
From betrayal it keeps cracking
Trying to navigate the dark path
I keep stumbling and fumbling
Everything around me
Seems to be tumbling and crumbling
Always standing and implementing
Dark forces always dismantling

No companions to walk beside
Only scars and a dagger behind my back
Deeply embedded and twisted
My past hidden in my hoodie
Wishing for the pain to subside for a while

But wait…
What is this I am seeing?
A light, bright and shining with promise and hope
If I can just reach it
If I can just reach the end of the tunnel

There it is!
The road that I have been walking on
Illuminated by the sun on the horizon

Looking back, I remember my decisions
Constantly pondering if I could’ve chosen an alternate path
Thinking if I did things differently

Looking forward, I see the light
I see the future
I see myself healing from the pain

I’ve walked a thousand miles
And I’ve come so far
I can’t turn back right now
I still have a long way to go